5 Ways to Rock Pants to Your Next Wedding Invitation

5 Ways to Rock Pants at Your Next Wedding Event

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Pants are super comfortable – here’s how you can wear them at your next wedding.

Weddings are an occasion where you feel you have to put your best dress on – we show you how to wow the pants off everyone instead.

If Lady Gaga can wear pants to the Oscars, you can wear pants to a wedding.

Spring Chic

For a daytime wedding, mix and match florals with white or rich jewel tones like pink, emerald green, and ruby red. We especially love breezy palazzo pants with pockets for a canape or two. It’s also a great time to hop on the culottes bandwagon!

floral top with palazzo pants

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floral culottes outfit

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How to wear: Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise. Dress up your look with chunky statement jewellery and an envelope clutch to distance it from your everyday style.

We recommend pants in a dressier material like silk or satin, with a fitted non-elasticated waist. The same goes for your blouse – no t-shirts or tank tops. A hint of belly is tres chic but avoid overly cropped tops unless it’s a Disney themed wedding and you’re coming as Princess Jasmine.

Pro-tip: Dressy pants work best with pointed toe heels, strappy stilettoes, and open-toe pumps.

All Black

You can’t go wrong with an all-black outfit.

all black pants outfit

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black top and pants

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How to wear: Wrong, you can go wrong. An all-black outfit can come dangerously close to looking like you dropped by after office hours. Opt for a blouse that you wouldn’t wear to work – a sheer or lacy top paired with a bandeau bra, a structured crop top with high waist wide leg pants, or a plunging neckline.

Black makes a statement on its own so keep the bling to a minimum with light beading or sequins on your accessories. Alternatively, forget all the rules and dress to impress with gold or silver jewellery; we love how delicate strand necklaces look against all that black. You can also contrast your outfit with shoes and clutch in a bold print, texture, or design.

Pro-tip: Elaborate updos can look out of place with pants. We prefer sleek chignons, low ponytails, or fuss-free waves.

Sequin Top

Nothing says celebration like lots of shiny bits.

sequin blazer

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How to wear: With a sequin top, you risk looking like a figure skater, or worse, like you raided the matron of honour’s closet. Shop for blouses in muted bronze or black, or look for contemporary cuts that add youth to the style. We like sequinned blazers over a plain white tank top and black pants.

Keep the rest of your outfit neutral, though we do like the addition of a snazzy clutch in a bright colour.

Pro-tip: High waist pants tend to look better for formal looks. Leave your straight fit pants at the office as well, and opt for wide leg or tapered pants instead.


Pantsuits have become a staple on the red carpet in recent times, and work just as well in real life.

black pantsuit womenswear

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pantsuit kendall jenner

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How to wear: If you’re all for wearing a full tuxedo, go for it! Otherwise, we like our pantsuits paired with camisoles or bandeau bras; they look great both buttoned and unbuttoned. Jazz up your look with a bright lip and sky high heels for a girly touch.

Pro-tip: The secret to a great pair of pants is tailoring and altering. Make sure your pants are the right length and fit. For wide leg pants, your hem should end ¼ – ½ inch above the ground. Skinny fit pants should end at your ankles – these are great if you want to show off your heels.


jumpsuit garypeppergirl

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If you’re not ready to make the jump, try a jumpsuit instead! They’re almost dresses, we swear.

Why you should care

Pants are super comfortable – here’s how you can wear them at your next wedding.

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