Mom Fashion Items You Didn't Know You Could Rock

Mom Fashion Items You Didn’t Know You Could Rock

Wandi by Wandi on May 23, 2016
Why you should care

You didn’t think mom jeans were just for moms, did you?

Since we’ve long seen our mothers as role models, we thought we’d look to “typical mom clothes” for some fashion inspo.

In celebration of Mother’s Day this month, here are a few pieces you can steal from your mom’s wardrobe to incorporate into very current OOTDs.

1 Mom Jeans

mom jean


Mom jeans are your go-to fashion piece for a chic yet comfortable look. These mid-waist denims can be be paired with a white tee, court heels, and a leather jacket for a daring chic look, or with your favourite crop top for class or an afternoon out.

mom jeans and heels


mom jean and crop top


Do: Pairing them with a crop top balances out the bulkiness of the jeans, and exposes that sliver of midriff that’s oh-so-sexy! A button shirt works as well, but make sure it’s tuckable and not too oversized. For outerwear, try an edgier piece like the denim jacket to offset the momsie bottom.

Don’t: Pair them with frilly or peplum tops. You’d want to leave the volume to just the jeans as you’d lose your silhouette with too much volume, making the outfit unflattering.

2 Mules

mules and mom jean


One thing our moms always get right is merging comfort and chicness. Whilst we’re still licking our wounds from last weekend’s sky-high stilettos, she’s ready to step out in style in full mule magnificence. The slip-on style of the mules can easily be paired with a jumpsuit for an evening out with the girls.

mules with jumpsuit

SOURCE: Pinterest user

Do: Wear it with a midi skirt for a preppy look and to leave blank leg space that highlights the shoes. This is a good #OOTD for work!

midi skirt and mules


Don’t: Wear wide legged jeans or pants as they cover the shoes and be too bottom heavy.

3 Culottes

black culottes


This trend is here to stay, and luckily for you it’s not too late to hop onto the bandwagon.

Do: Make sure they’re loose-fitting – especially at the thigh area – for maximum chic. Pair them with a crop top or a fitted blouse if you’re going for a dressy look.

Don’t: Wear them with flats if you’re petite. The mid-length pant leg might cut you off, so heels are ideal to add length to your look.

white culottes


4 Plaids

Plaids dress


Plaids are great because they’re timeless and ever-trendy.  If you’re going for an all black or white outfit, you get to stay in theme with a black and white plaid while adding interest to your ensemble.

plaids suit


Do: Keep it clean and simple with trousers and a coat or blazer for the office. Otherwise, go all-black or white with a plaid bag or shoes.

Don’t: Wear plaid in a bright, tacky colour. Stay classic!

5 Scarves

scarf and coat


Scarves are a versatile and affordable accessory – you can drape them around your blazer or like mom, tie a silky one around your neck when it gets chilly. The scarf also does great damage control during bad hair days!

scarf and blazer


Do: Tie it around your neck or a shirt collar to add a hint of sophistication to your outfit. You can even do this with a bandana for a grungy #OOTD inspired by the ‘90s.

bandana choker


Don’t: Knot it around your neck if it’s a chunky piece as it’ll be too bulky. For bulky scarves, just throw them over or loop them around.

6 Cardigans

grey cardigan


Cardigans keep you feeling cozy, warm, and comfortable – perfect for long, lazy days. Pair it with almost everything: jeans, shorts, sundress, and more.

Do: Edge up the cardigan with ripped jeans or boots.

Don’t: As with mom jeans, if you’re wearing a loose-fitting cardigans, don’t wear a bulky bottom like a palazzo pant as you’ll lose your silhouette to all that fabric!

white cardigan


Why you should care

You didn’t think mom jeans were just for moms, did you?

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