Why you should care

Step aside in those heels. Flats are taking over!

I think we can all agree that our greatest frenemy is that one pretty and nice girl from high school and…high heels

But…heels are the easiest way to add pizzazz to any outfit! Right?

Nope. Introducing these flats. Climb aboard this comfort train and you won’t be sorry. See how you can wear flats all day, everyday!

1 Casual Day Out

SOURCE: zara.com

What: Zara Patchwork Espadrilles

Why: These cutesy cartoons lend just the right amount of quirky for your casual weekend out. Plus, patchwork is making a comeback!

How: Wear this metallic pair with a toned down classic like denim and denim.

Espadrilles OOTD

SOURCE: notey.com

2 At the Office

aldo ankle strap ballerina

What: Aldo Biacci Ballerinas

Why: Time to get serious at the office? Well, no reason you can’t look both chic and professional at the same time. The matching of the suede-like texture, the faux crocodile skin back, and the metallic heel is divine!  It’s also way more practical for rushing around to meetings.

alexa chung ballerina flatsHow: If your shoes don’t have to be boring, then neither does your outfit! Pair it with a pinafore and a blouse for a preppy look.

3 Date Night

Lace Up Flats

SOURCE: hellonance.com

What: Topshop Lace Up Flats

Why: It is sensible enough that you won’t have to worry about aching feet and yet the pretty details of this pair can still set the look apart from your regular flats. Why pick heels when these grounded shoes can keep you from falling too hard, too fast?

lace up flats outfit

SOURCE: glamradar.com

How: A pair of jeans, a dress, or even culottes. This pair is simply versatile.

4 Formal Dinners

Rockstud Pointy-toed flats

SOURCE: pursuitofshoes.com

What: Valentino Rock-stud Pointed Toed Flats

Why: Who says formal dinners are strictly a high-heel event? Sprinkle a little glamour and break the custom with this pair. Bejewelled sandals or ballet flats work too. We promise you’ll sparkle just the same.

mr self portrait dress

SOURCE: revolve.com

How: If you’re worried about doing away with the height boost from a heel, then wear a dress that cuts above the knees. Or if you are a maxi lover, go for a dress with a slit.

5 Music Festivals

Lace Up Shoes

SOURCE: nytimes.com

What: Gladiator sandals

Why: Embrace your inner hippie  by pulling off a pair of these sandals! Look fabulous while you sway and sing along to your favourite indie tunes. Even when it’s all about the music, the fashion never stops.

How: Popular festival fashions call for fringe crop tops and crochet! Don’t be afraid to get creative with accessories!

Music Festival Fashions

SOURCE: festivalutopia.com

Cover image from justgohwithit.com.

Why you should care

Step aside in those heels. Flats are taking over!

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