are you lining your eyes right

Are You Lining Your Eyes Right?

Kar Kei Wong by Kar Kei Wong on May 21, 2016
Why you should care

The winged liner is not for everyone. Find out what suits your eye shape instead!

Have you tried the winged eyeliner 1,000 times and feel like it never looks good on you?

Depending on how you draw your eyeliner, it might make your eyes look bigger, smaller, rounder, longer, etc.

Here’s a guide on understanding your eye shape and the eyeliner styles that suit you!

1 Round eyes

Having round eyes usually comes hand-in-hand with having wide and large eyes. The winged eyeliner is a look worth mastering for the doe-eyed as it creates an elongating effect, giving you a sultry look that doesn’t take away from your large eyes.

cat eyeliner


Draw a clean, smooth stroke extending up and out from your bottom lash line. Then, draw a line from that tip to the centre of your top lash line. Then extend the line from the centre of your top lash tie the inner corner of your eye. Finally, fill the lines in!

winged eyeliner tutorial

SOURCE: Instagram user Iheartmakeupart

Perfecting the winged liner might take some practice, but it’s a good makeup skill to keep in your bag. It’s a classic and versatile look! Wear it without eyeshadow on lazy days, or in an electric blue to a night out!

2 Almond Eyes

When you have almond eyes, play up its beautiful shape! Draw a V on the inner rim and trace the whole eye (top and bottom). If you have larger eyes, draw a thicker line; otherwise, go for a thinner line so as not to overpower your eyes.

pointed eyeliner


A winged technique works well here too. You can add a little flick up at the end for extra beauty points.

3 Deep Set/Small eyes

A thick liner here will overwhelm your eyes and make them look even deeper or smaller than before. So go for a thin stroke close to your top lash line. For the bottom, simply line the outer half only. Play up your eyelashes with mascara or falsies to make your eyes appear more “open”.

asian eyeliner


Alternatively, if you have prominent or protruding eyes, work a thick liner from one corner to the other, particularly on top, to create a diminishing illusion.

4 Wide Set/Large Eyes

Focus on lining the inner rim. This technique elongates your eyes from the inner corners, making them appear closer together.

eyeliner for wide set eyes


Why you should care

The winged liner is not for everyone. Find out what suits your eye shape instead!

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