5 ways to rock your new bob

5 Ways to Rock Your New Bob

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Feb 17, 2016
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Looking to jump on the bob bandwagon? Learn the many ways to style them!

The bob and its longer sister, the lob are on many of our favourite celebrities’ and fashionistas’ heads. Characterised by short to medium length biased-cut hair, the bob-lob sisters are here to stay.

If you’ve already snipped your locks or you’re considering it, here are 5 ways to rock that new bob or lob that will make every #longhairdontcare girl jealous.

1 Beach Waves, Baby
Short beach waves

SOURCE: thebeautydepartment.com

How-to: Split your hair down the middle into two sections. Then, split each section into 3 or 4 sections, depending on your hair thickness. Starting from the section nearest to your face, curl it away from your face. Then, take the section next to that and curl it towards your face. Continue alternating the direction of your curls. Once done, comb out the curls with your fingers.

Bonus tip(s): Don’t curl the ends. Straighter ends give you that iconic beach wave look!

2 Fringe Off!
hair with bangs

SOURCE: cosmopolitan.com

How-to: The quickest way to change up your short style is to push your fringe away from your face. Twist your fringe to the back and lightly pull on the front to create a bump or a pompadour. If you’re not a fan of this look, twist your fringe to one side or split it down the middle and twist both sides instead. That’s 30 seconds to fresh hair!

Bonus tip(s): For better bobby pin hold, spray it with hair spray before pinning your fringe down.

3 Top Knot (Not)
top knot hair

SOURCE: treasuresandtravelsblog.com

How-to: If you find yourself missing your long locks especially when you’re looking to put your hair up, fake a top knot. Simply take the top half of your head of hair and scrunch it into a top knot. Secure it with a hair band and tuck loose strands into the hair band or bobby pins. Put the bottom half of your hair up with a headband or bandana, or twist and pin them down.

Bonus tip(s): If the bun looks too small because of your shorter hair, loosen it with your fingers to fake a more voluminous bun.

4 Throwback Styles

Gary Pepper Girl HairHow-To: For a vintage and dressy look, make an extreme side parting. Then, curl your hair from the middle portion to the ends using a smaller barrel curling iron. Curl your fringe away from your face. Then, comb it out and pin back the side with less hair. This look is timeless and suitable for weddings, date nights, prom, and more.

Bonus tip(s): Instead of just pinning the hair back, try a simple braid towards the back of your head.

5 As You Were

How-To: Bobs and lobs are great on their own because of their stylised cuts. Blow dry them to get rid of fly-aways and you’re good to go! Sometimes, less really is more. Step aside, Rapunzel.

Bonus tip(s): If you’re not good with the blowdryer, use a straightener to tame fly-aways or flicked out ends.

Why you should care

Looking to jump on the bob bandwagon? Learn the many ways to style them!

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