The 10 Most Underrated Hair Products and Tools

The 10 Most Underrated Hair Products and Tools

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Apr 5, 2017
Why you should care

If you haven’t had a good hair day in a while, it might just be a case of not having the right stuff.

For a selected few, good hair is a lottery win from the gene pool. For the rest of us, it’s a matter of getting the right styling items.

You might’ve heard of some of these and dismissed them as something only the “pros” use, but these could very quickly up your hairstyling game.

1 Anti-Frizz Serum

No matter your hair type, some frizz is inevitable from pillow static, colour damage, or just the humidity.  To finish off a carefully blowdry, curled strands, or just on air-dried hair, rub some anti-frizz serum between your palms and smooth it over your hair for a sleek finish.

John frieda anti frizz


We like John Frieda’s Frizz Ease serum which comes in 3 variants. Shop them here.

2 Styling Cream

Straight hair girls, you know how you attempt to braid your hair but your strands refuse to cooperate and slip through your fingers? Styling creams give your hair enough texture and tackiness so you can braid, twist, and style with ease.

Try Schwarzkopf’s Osis 4-Play Texture Moulding Paste available at K Care Shop outlets.

3 Double Barrel Curling Wand

This isn’t as scary as it looks, we promise. If you’ve battled with your curling wand too many times to achieve that tousled Instagram girl look, then we have news for you: you’re using the wrong tool. Wind your hair in figure 8s from the middle of the hair shaft; leave the ends of your strands out for that unfinished look.

Double barrel curler


Get your own from Lazada.

4 Foam Curlers

Take a break from heated tools and try an overnight curl-setting method instead. Section your mostly dry hair and wind them around foam curlers, in the direction you want your curls to go. Wake up to curled locks – touch up with that anti-frizz we were talking about!

Foam curler twists


You can find these at Shins outlets or online.

5 Duckbill Clips

These babies are great for keeping your hair off your face when you put on your makeup – they won’t leave an awful kink. Use it to section your hair while styling, holding down pin curls while they set, and setting old Hollywood waves.

macel wave clips


Find these at most professional hair care stores, like K Care Shop.

6 Elastic Hair Ties

Tiny rubber bands snag your hair and occasionally cave under the pressure of your perky ponytail. Elastic hair ties don’t snag and don’t leave much of a kink in your hair, so you can release your ponytail mid-day like the shampoo commercial girl that you are.


elastic hair tie

SOURCE: Etsy user MintWishShop

Get these from Etsy user MintWishShop.

7 Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo soaks up the grease from your scalp so that your carefully styled hair on Monday can bring you well into Wednesday. It’s also good for adding texture and volume to your crown.

dry shampoo


Try Fudge Dry Shampoo from Shins.

8 Purple or Silver Shampoo

Bleached hair turns yellow and brassy after a few weeks. Purple or silver shampoos (sometimes called blonde shampoo) tones the hair to give it a cooler tinge, thereby removing the yellowness in your strands. Most of these shampoos do triple duty, in that they cleanse, tone, and added functions like hydrating or repairing. Win-win-win!

Bed head purple toning shampoo


Shop Bed Head Tigi Purple Toning Shampoo here.

9 Heat Protectant

It’s so important to protect your hair before you apply heat. Hair salons set a bad example by taking extremely hot tools to your freshly coloured or chemically treated hair. Before blowdrying, straightening, or curling, make sure to spritz a good amount of heat protectant to insulate your strands.

Try the Greenology Organics Thermal Protection Spray available at K Care Shop outlets.

10 Argan Oil

Ditch cream conditioners for the straight up nutritious argan oil. Just a few drops will nourish and repaid your locks. Since you don’t use much per application, most of these come in petite bottles that are perfect travel companions.

Lakme bio argan oil


Shop Lakme K.Therapy Bio Argan Oil from Shins.

Why you should care

If you haven’t had a good hair day in a while, it might just be a case of not having the right stuff.

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