Transform Your Day Hairdo to a Night Do

Transform Your Day Hairdo to a Night ‘Do

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Jun 28, 2017
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Running errands, then to a date? Convert these easy hairstyles.

It can feel quite weird to sport a dinner date updo when you’re out running errands in the day, or if you’re at work. So, don’t.

Instead of wearing the same hairstyle all day, consider a convertible hairstyle that will bring you from daytime coffee chugging to night time wine sipping.

Breaking Braid

Convert a flirty one-sided French braid into a one–sided French braid bun.

French braid pony


French braid updo


Day: Part your hair towards one side and French braid your fringe starting from your parting. French braid all the way to create a side ponytail. Secure with rubber band.

Night: When it’s time for Cinderella to attend the ball, simply wrap that ponytail around itself to create a low side bun. In the wave of a wand, you’re formal event-ready!

Back From the Future

Space buns transform into loose curls, perfect for a retro ponytail. This look works better on longer hair.

Space bun

SOURCE: Pinterest user Ashanti bolds

Nicole scherzinger low ponytail


Day: Create high pigtails and secure them with rubber bands. Then wrap the pigtails around themselves (in the same direction) into a bun and secure with another rubber band or with bobby pins. Be careful not to create kinks in your hair with those rubber bands.

Night: Come night time, unravel those buns to reveal beautiful curls! Tease the hair at your crown to create a slight bump before gathering your hair into a low ponytail. Add a bow for extra pretty points.

Pro tip: the tighter you wrap your hair, the tighter your curls and vice versa.

Let Loose

Go from a headband or scarf updo to sexy, voluminous curls.

roll headband hair


Day: Tie a head scarf or place a headband around the crown of your head. Starting from one side of your hair, grab a 1-inch section from below the head scarf/headband and wind it around the head scarf/headband. Once you’ve wrapped it twice or more (wrap more times for longer hair), gather more hair beside that first section and continue winding till you reach the other end of your neck. The goal is to have all your hair wound up to create an updo. Don’t worry about being too neat, just pin down the layers that stick out.

Night: When you’re ready to head for dinner and the clubs, remove your hair accessory to voluminous curls! Add a hair clip for extra dazzle

Keep Rollin’ Rollin’

Convert a topsy tail ponytail into a tucked bun.

Topsy tail updo

SOURCE: divine

Day: Gather your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Above the rubberband, split your hair in two to create a small gap. Bring your ponytail upwards and through the gap. Pull down and adjust the rubber band and twisted hair to create the look you want.

Night: When you’re ready for dinner at that new Japanese joint, roll your ponytail upwards and tuck it into the topsy tail. Pin it down with bobby pins.

Down to Earth

Pigtail braids easily transforms into a semi crown braid.

Pigtail braid updo easy


Day: Create two braided pigtails from the bottom and back of your ears.

Night: Change it up in the evening by tying the pigtails into a knot. If you have short hair, you can stop there and pin the ends down. Otherwise, wrap the remaining length of your pigtails around the knot before pinning them down. Ta-dah, a fuss-free updo to show off your shoulders in that off-shoulder dress!

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Why you should care

Running errands, then to a date? Convert these easy hairstyles.

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