6 Tips to Growing Healthier Nails Quicker

6 Tips to Growing Healthier Nails Quicker

Wandi by Wandi on May 16, 2016
Why you should care

Are your nails chipping way too often? Here’s how to grow them out healthy and strong.

Our nails grow approximately one-tenth of an inch each month…if you’re lucky enough not to chip or break them!

Beautiful nails are important to your entire look because half our talking is done with the hands.

Plus, isn’t it a bother when you’ve got an upcoming event and a manicure appointment but just not nails? Read on for tips to grow your nails quicker and healthier:

1 Hand Sanitising Incessantly is Insane

Hand Sanitiser is meant for exactly that: the hands! Try not to overuse it and be careful not to apply it on the nails as it dries them out, leaving them brittle.

hand sanitise

2 Moisturising is a Must

When moisturising your hands, don’t skip your nails! As dry nails are brittle, moisturising them keeps them from chipping or breaking.

Even something as inexpensive as Vaseline will do the trick and seal in moisture. For a natural alternative, try olive oil or coconut oil which will strengthen your cuticles and promote nail growth.

olive oil moisturising

SOURCE:  p-and-w.com/work/tesco-finest

3 Polish Prudently

Avoid painting your nails with harmful chemicals like TPHP-Triphenyl phosphate, a chemical usually used as fire retardant in furniture and hardener in plastic goods. Besides being terrible for your nails, it causes disruption in the body’s hormone regulation, reproductive system, and metabolism. A brand such as Zoya is TPHP-free and available on Zalora.

polish prudently

SOURCE: cdn.shopify.com

4 Eat Well

Foods such as salmon, eggs, avocado, and chicken are rich in nutrients such as Vitamin Biotin which promotes growth and strengthening. You might even shed a few pounds when eating these nutrients. So, go ahead and fill up on these!

eat well

SOURCE: self.com

5 File Your Nails Into a Rounded Shape

Round nails are easier to file and less likely to break. Other nail shapes tend to catch more on surfaces like clothing, increasing their chances of breakage.

6 Massage Your Cuticles

The cuticle is the most important part of the nail as it protects the nail from infection. Massaging them maintains a healthy blood flow which aids nail strengthening and growth.

Why you should care

Are your nails chipping way too often? Here’s how to grow them out healthy and strong.

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