6 rules every self-proclaimed fitness junkie lives by

6 Rules Every Self-Proclaimed Fitness Junkie Lives By

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Jan 8, 2016
Why you should care

Fitness goals can seem too out of reach. But did you know that they start from small, uncompromising habits? We get in on those secrets.

So you’ve heard the one about how fitness is a lifestyle and not a regime? How do fitness junkies do it?

Your health and fitness levels not only affect how you look on the outside but how you feel on the inside – both physically and mentally! Being fit is an accomplishment in itself, but here’s the real struggle: maintaining it! So for those who are, like us, wondering how the fitness buffs do it, here are their secrets:

1 You Are What You Eat

healthy vs unhealthyAnd unfortunately, you cannot eat a fit person. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to skip meals and go on intense diets to lose weight and get fit. Everything should be consumed in moderation (and this is the tough part!). Aim to eat full, balanced, and nutritious meals instead of smaller meals which have to be supplemented with unhealthy snacks. Give processed foods (goodbye chicken nuggets) and junk foods a skip as they usually contain high levels of sodium and fat. Full, balanced meals help you feel satiated and energised.

2 Bye Bye Sugar

Take less sugar in your daily food and drink intake. Opt for sugarless options at your favourite bubble tea stalls and stay away from indulgent desserts. Substitute strawberry ice cream and pineapple tarts for fresh strawberries and pineapples. Added sugars like sucrose and fructose contain empty calories, which means that they don’t contain nutrients, only energy, which left unused, becomes fat. Plus, a sugar high also leads to an eventual crash, so sugar makes you feel lethargic.

3 Have A Plan

plan A or plan B?Set a health and fitness goal, then list out the plans to achieving them. Those with proclaimed goals and plans tend to hold themselves accountable, leading to a higher probability of success. Place your list at a frequently visited area like your mirror or fridge. This way, you get a daily reminder every time you (literally) reflect on yourself or when you’re about to steal a Kit Kat.

4 No Gym, No Problem

You don’t have to own a gym membership (or always make it there on time after work) to be a fitness buff. The world wide web is your oyster – from instructional videos to downloadable books, it’s so easy to work out at home, even without equipment. All you need to do is find workout options that suit your fitness goals and space.

5 Say Yes Even If You Don’t Want To

After a workout, you can get sore, demotivated, and exhausted. As tiring as it is, push through it and do it again the next day. The sense of accomplishment you’d feel after completing a workout on a bad day is more rewarding than finishing a workout on a feel-good day. Nature helps you by making this sense of accomplishment quite addictive. Before you know it, you’re the one pulling your friends to the gym on Monday mornings.

6 Drink LOTS Of Water Everyday

When we say a lot, we mean about 2 – 3 litres. By keeping hydrated, you allow your body to work in an optimum state. Water also helps your body re-energise and recover after workout sessions. As it fills you up, it also prevents unhealthy snacking snacking habits.

Why you should care

Fitness goals can seem too out of reach. But did you know that they start from small, uncompromising habits? We get in on those secrets.

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