6 Foundations for Oily Skin That Won’t Make You Look Shiny

6 Foundations for Oily Skin That Won’t Make You Look Shiny

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Jun 8, 2016
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This is where your search for non-oily foundations end.

We’ve all been victimised by that shiny T-zone that hits around lunch hour, smudging all the good intentions of makeup. So foundations are probably bad for oily skin right?


Creamy foundations are not suitable for oily skin or hot and humid weathers (hello, summer!). However, oil-free, long-wearing, and mattifying foundations will keep your dolled up face intact and won’t clog your pores or cause you to breakout (or are more unlikely to, anyway).

Also, because we know everyone’s got a different wallet capacity, we’ve looked up top foundations at different price points. Behold:

1 Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

clinique acne solutions fundation

SOURCE: Sephora.com

This liquid foundation neutralises redness and covers blemishes, all while treating existing acne! Boasting salicylic acid, this product absorbs oil while blending smoothly into the skin because of its hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA ingredients.

Like other Clinique products, this foundation is non-irritating and great for those with sensitive skin. You can also be sure that it doesn’t clog pores, making it a good foundation for acne coverage and prevention.

Where to get it: Clinique stores and Sephora

Price point: High

2 Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation

urban decay powder

SOURCE: urbandecay.com

We like this powder because you can apply it dry or dab your sponge in water to apply it as “liquid foundation”. While it’s a powder foundation (which is usually more drying than liquid foundation), it applies smoothly to a demi-matte finish.

Its powder consistency ensures that you don’t oil easily while keeping you looking velvety instead of powdery. We love how this product is the best of both worlds!

Where to get it: Sephora

Price point: Medium

3 Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water

smashbox bb water

SOURCE: molkan.damernasvarld.se

With a watery consistency, this foundation is lightweight, oil-free, and ideal for oily skin. If you’re looking for full coverage though, this isn’t the product for you as its lightness medium coverage foundation isn’t for you.

Having said that, we love the fact that it’s oil-free yet moisturising. You don’t want your foundation to be too drying, those will make your skin overcompensate by over-producing oil. Another thing we love about this product? The SPF 30 – so that’s another greasy layer you can remove from your routine!

Where to get it: Sephora

Price point: High

4 Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin

revlon colorstay foundation

SOURCE: ebay.co.uk

 This foundation is beloved by online makeup gurus as it’s a great alternative to pricey liquid foundations for oily skin. The guys at Revlon take staying power seriously, claiming a 24-hour wear. While we haven’t tested it for 24 hours ourselves, we wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted that long because of its full coverage feature.

The product gives a natural finish, but can feel quite heavy because of its staying power. So apply prudently!

Where to get it: Guardian pharmacies

Price point: Low

5 Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation

bobbi brown compact foundation

SOURCE: case.priceinspector.co.uk

Keywords to look out for when you’re shopping for foundation to combat oily skin: long-wear, matte, and oil-free.

This multi-award winning foundation offers a soft matte finish as it absorbs the excess oil on your face. Not only does it not give you a greasy complexion, it also creates a barrier against hot and humid environments. Plus, it isn’t joking when it claims long-wear – 12 hours gives you plenty of time for work, dinner, and even drinks after.

Where to get it: Bobbi Brown stores and Sephora

Price point: High

6 NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder

nyx flat powder

SOURCE: Frensbeauty.com

Powders are friendly for oily skin as it absorbs excess oil and applies smoothly on the skin’s natural texture. This foundation blends well and offers a matte finish. We love that it’s lightweight, yet gives good coverage!

Where to get it: Lazada

Price Point: Low

Now that you know which foundation products to get, here are extra tips on application to really resist the shine:

  • Hydrate: Make sure you’re getting enough hydration with your skincare to prevent over-production of oils. Read more about skincare products for oily skin here
  • Prime: Use an oil-free primer to help manage shine and and keep your foundation on for longer.
  • Sponge: Use a damp sponge (or Beauty Blender) instead of a brush to apply your foundation. This dilutes the foundation (so you won’t wear it too thick) while eliminating excess oil. Plus, if your makeup runs during the day, simply re-blend with the sponge!
  • Blot: Before you apply your foundation, blot away excess oils with a blotting paper or makeup puff.
Why you should care

This is where your search for non-oily foundations end.

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