Why you should care

Sunscreen is the only thing you should be caking onto your face.

Cue melting makeup, smudged eyeliner, and disappearing lipstick because summer means rising temperatures.

Although the heat won’t stop us from venturing into the sun, messy makeup will.

It’s time to lighten up your look while still looking fresh and fab. Here are some essential summer makeup tips for when the weather is working against you.

1 Barely There Foundation

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Embrace the carefree vibe this season and go bare with your base. It’s best to lighten things up in this scorching weather, so, instead of packing on the foundation, we suggest you opt for lightweight creams or tinted primers instead. Better yet, pull an Alicia Keys and skip your base routine all together! Going light helps prevent clogged pores from sweat and makeup grime.

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2 Refreshed Lips

Pack away your dark and dreary hues this summer and try this season’s simplest trend: stained lips. Not only are lip stains long lasting, they also don’t chap and smudge when you down those chilled drinks. Try summery shades like peach, pink and orange.

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You can even recreate the stained lip look by eating a popsicle: the longer you suck on them, the brighter the stain! Plus, it’s a good excuse for dessert.

3 Eye Catching Colours

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There’s no better time to flaunt bold and defined eyes than the summer. With the rest of your makeup taking the backseat, let your eyes brighten your entire look. It’s the perfect time for coloured eyeliners and bright eyeshadow palettes to make an appearance.

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4 Waterproof Is Vital

Avoid raccoon eyes by investing in waterproof and long-wearing eyeliner, eyebrow colour, and mascara. Sweating during the summer is inevitable, so even if the rest of your makeup melts away, your eyes will stay fab.

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5 Light Up your Life

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We search for products that give us that dewy glow all year long but none of us want oily shine. Avoid having your T-zone look like it’s sending signals to space by beating that shine with blotting papers. Instead, achieve the dewy look with liquid highlighters and illuminators in strategic spots such as your brow bones and cheekbones.

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Why you should care

Sunscreen is the only thing you should be caking onto your face.

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