The Best Way To Clean Everything In Your Makeup Bag

The Best Way to Clean Everything in Your Makeup Bag

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Jan 13, 2016
Why you should care

Think you know the ropes to cleaning your makeup tools? Think again!

It’s always so much fun putting on makeup and getting dolled up to go out, but the not so fun part? Having to clean up your makeup and makeup tools. Yes, it’s important!

Makeup tools are first exposed to your products, then to your skin, and finally to the surroundings. Chances are, your tools are a cosy one-bedroom apartment for dirt and bacteria. We’ve compiled our list of the easiest and most effective ways to clean everything in your makeup bag!

1 Lipstick

The easiest way to clean the bacteria off lipstick is by using makeup sanitising wipes. After application, just wipe your lipstick down with a clean wipe before storing it. You can also store your lipstick in the freezer to kill the germs. Just take it out the next day and wait for it to heat up to room temperature before using it.

2 Pressed Powder

Broken Off Powder
Use isopropyl alcohol to disinfect and set your powders. It works for face powders as well as eyeshadows. Just keep some in a spritzer bottle and give it a spray or two. Not only does it help with sanitising the powder, it also helps set the excess bits in place so you don’t loose cracked pieces to the floor. You can get isopropyl alcohol at your nearest pharmacy.

3 Eyeliner & Eyelash Curler

With eyeliner, if you can use a sharpener to get rid of the exposed layer, great! If not, heat is your friend! Use a lighter and run your eyeliner across it really quick to kill the germs. Then wipe off the first layer with a tissue.

As for your eyelash curler, the lighter trick works wonders! For this, apply the heat for 3 – 5 seconds before wiping the curling surface off with clean tissue. The accumulated mascara on the curler will be easy to wipe off as heat will melt the crusted mascara bits, making it easy to clean. Be careful not to apply heat too closely to the rubber on your curler, lest you melt it off!

4 Makeup Brushes
Foaming Makeup Brush


Your makeup brushes need to be cleaned at least once a week. Brushes are the easiest place for bacteria to breed because of the bristles’ absorbent nature. Makeup residue stays on the brushes, which become a breeding ground for germs. Invest in some baby shampoo and olive oil – this combination works great as a brush cleaner.

All you need to do is mix these two ingredients on your palm and swirl your makeup brush on it to remove all makeup. Wash thoroughly, remove excess water, and let it dry.

Why you should care

Think you know the ropes to cleaning your makeup tools? Think again!

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