Why you should care

Unleash your inner Disney princess (or warrior)!

One is never too old for Disney tales, like how one is never too old for Disney talons.

Even though you’ve outgrown your Snow White PJ’s and your Cinderella-esque sandals, you can still sport magical manicures.

1 Belle

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We’ve all just gotten over the excitement that surrounded Beauty and The Beast but it’s still not too late to deck your nails out with these digits!

2 Cinderella

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This dreamy nail art features subtle hints of the glass slipper princess in a pretty pastel blue. .

3 Frozen

How cute are these nails? We love how they’ve incorporated “lace” designs to mimic snowflakes.

4 Snow White

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Don’t want nail art that’s over the top but still want to show your Disney pride? This one’s subtle yet pretty.

5 The Little Mermaid

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We all dreamed of being mermaids as kids; here’s your chance to gain your fins.

6 Princess Jasmine

No one was as sassy as Princess Jasmine, and this nail art is an ode to that #girlboss attitude.

7 Sleeping Beauty

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Check out this pink and pretty nod to Aurora.

8 Mulan

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Show your feisty and feminine side with this Mulan inspired nail design.

9 Pocahontas

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These nails were painted with all the colours of the wind.

If you can’t decide on one, we suggest you just get them all!

Cover image from e-kaizen.pl

Why you should care

Unleash your inner Disney princess (or warrior)!

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