Holiday Gift Cards for Every Type of Friend You Have

Holiday Gift Cards for Every Type of Friend You Have

by Lydia Lohshini on Dec 9, 2016
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No time to shop for gifts or don’t know what to buy for your friends or family? Presenting the ultimate gift card guide.

Gift cards are the best present you can purchase this holiday season. They are no longer tacky gift substitutes but are a great way to show your friends and family how well you know them.

You don’t lose the personal touch when gifting gift cards because now you can personalise the cards based on what they love, be it shopping, coffee, and even gadgets.

1 The Impulse Online Shopper

We all have that one friend who shops for everything online. From clothes to makeup, this shopper goes for the best deals and has the biggest grin when packages arrive by mail. It’s almost always difficult to shop for a shopaholic because they seem to already own everything!

We suggest buying them Zalora’s E-Gift Card, with almost year round sales and deals, they will be spoilt for choice!

online shopping


2 The Homeware Hoarder

No one is safe from IKEA’s #homegoals spells, especially friends or family who have recently moved into a new home. It’s small way of helping them achieve the home of their dreams.

We suggest picking up IKEA’s Gift Cards in store for them (and maybe one for yourself too, because who doesn’t need another throw pillow?).

3 The Fashion Forward Friend

Style is a very personal affair, thus making it difficult to find the perfect gift for fashionistas. Even if you’ve got their style down, size can be quite a bit of a pain. Instead of purchasing the wrong outfit or size, why not just give them access to the whole store?

Get your fashionable friend or family member a Gift Card to H&M or purchase the ultimate fashionista gift card, the Valiram Group Gift Card, giving them access to stores like Charles & Keith to Versace!

4 The Music Junkie

In the advent of streaming services like Spotify and Youtube, very rarely do we make music purchases. But this isn’t the case for music junkies who will go to great lengths to support their favourite artist. Get them an iTunes Gift Card to give them the gift of free music.

5 The Movie Marathoner

You may be able to stream all your favourite movies online but you can never get the theatre hall experience movie junkies live for. The surround sound, large screens, and traditional bucket of popcorn is a moviegoers dream, so let them live it with a  TGV’s Movie Access Vouchers! Bet you didn’t know these things existed, did you?

TGV Gift Vouchers


6 The Makeup Guru

For the professional makeup guru or the budding make up enthusiast, gift cards to Sephora will make them feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Imagine letting them loose in store with a gift voucher to purchase whatever they wanted to. Pick up Sephora’s Holiday Gift Cards in stores!

PS: Now you know which friend to go to when you need a makeover!

7 The Gadget Enthusiast

For the gadget geek, it’s best to leave electronic purchases to them. Since we regular people can’t tell the difference between HDMI and HGTV, gift cards will let your friends have a go at gadget store themselves. Try out Harvey Norman’s or Radio Shack’s (in store) cash vouchers!

electronics gift card


8 The Coffee Connoisseur

If your friend’s home smells like coffee grinds 24/7 or if their car looks like a coffee cup graveyard, then they’re probably hopeless coffee addicts. For those who need a jolt of coffee to get through the day, gift cards to coffeehouse chains are perfect. Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have gone ahead and made your life easier; you can purchase unlimited amounts of Gift Cards from their stores all year round!

9 The Bookworm

Looking for the perfect book for someone who is perpetually tucked behind a book is tough. Not only is it difficult to know what genre they like, you also face the problem of not knowing what they’ve already read. Give them a gift voucher to a bookstore and you’ll be their favourite friend! You can pick up your gift vouchers from Borders, MPH, and Popular.

Ps: This is also a good gift idea for stationary supply addicts!

Why you should care

No time to shop for gifts or don’t know what to buy for your friends or family? Presenting the ultimate gift card guide.

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