The beginner's guide to nail trends and home manicures

The Beginner’s Guide to Nail Trends and Home Manicures

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Jan 20, 2016
Why you should care

If you’re a manicure newbie, don’t worry! We’ve got a guide on what’s trendy and how to give yourself a home manicure.

So you’re finally realising the appeal in a good manicure and you don’t know where to start?

Here, start here.

First, we give you an update on contemporary nail trends, then we break down the basics of home manicure. Let’s start!

1 Non-traditional French Manicure



This manicure style appeared around the 1930s. This nail type screams chic and has recently gotten an update in varying forms. Think matte colours, inverted “tips”, and v-shaped tips – our article here goes in-depth on the updated Frenchie and other classics. This old school nail design with a twist can be worn at work or on a night out with your friends.

2 Nude Nails

nude nail


This style gives your nails a healthy and clean look with bonus chic points. Celebrities spot the nude nails on a daily basis and even for red carpet events. It’s simply timeless!

3 3D Nail Art



Nail art’s really upped itself with this one. This subtle cable-knit style one involves sticking on shapes to form the knit pattern, then painting over them for an embossed look. So innovative!

Giving Yourself a Home Manicure

Nail salon services can cost a bomb, so why not do it at home? What you’ll need:

  • Manicure set (nail clipper, nail file, nail buffer, cuticle pusher, and cuticle cutter)

    manicure set
  • Base coat polish
  • Nail polish (coloured)
  • Top coat polish
  • Nail art accessories, stickers, or design pens (optional extras)

Step by Step

  1. Trim and file your nails according to your desired length and shape (square, round, or sharp). Then, buff your nails till they’re shiny and pretty!
  2. Base polish comes next.  Make sure that you apply it thinly.  Let it dry thoroughly before painting your nail colour. The base coat protects your nails from stains and helps your colour last longer.
  3. Now, apply a thin layer of your chosen nail polish. Apply a thin layer and wait for it to dry before painting on the next layer.  If you paint it too thick, you will end up with air bubbles, dents, and fingerprints. Thoroughly dry both layers.

    red manicure
  4. Paint another layer and  immediately decorate with your nail art accessories (strictly optional!).  Place the accessory precisely and you’d want to avoid moving it once you’ve positioned it. This will smudge your nail.
  5. Once you’re happy with your nail art design, apply the top coat polish to extend the life of your manicure, and you’re done!


Why you should care

If you’re a manicure newbie, don’t worry! We’ve got a guide on what’s trendy and how to give yourself a home manicure.

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