Does My Makeup Have An Expiry Date?

Does My Makeup Have an Expiry Date?

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Jan 19, 2016
Why you should care

Are you aware that your makeup has an expiry date? We tell you how long your stuff last.

Yes! Similar to food, makeup products have expiration dates although you don’t see them because companies are not required by law to print them.

This is why it’s important for you to take note of your products’ lifespans by following this simple guideline of products lifespans. If necessary, toss out your old makeup lest you ruin your skin!

1 Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner: 3 MonthsMascara and Liquid Eyeliner

Mascara is a makeup must-have to play up your eyes – it gives the finishing look more depth and detail. So it’s unfortunate that this product has the shortest lifespan.

Most branded mascaras contain antibacterial properties, but we recommend using mascaras not older than three months old (or if you absolutely have to, stretch it to four months at your own risk). Being slightly damp, the mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria. Also, if you notice any changes in the texture, consistency, and smell, do not continue using it. The wand can be saved, however – wash it with warm water and reuse it for another tube of mascara or for another purpose like grooming your brows.

Similar to the mascara, liquid eyeliners have the same consistency and usage style. Both these eye makeup products are likely used the most and hence have the shortes lifespan.

2 Foundation: 6 – 12 MonthsFoundation and Powder

Foundation is a god-sent for those without perfect skin (read: most of us)! It evens out the skintone, covers blemishes, and gives better coverage than powder. There are many types of textures like powder, liquid, cream, and more – the choices are endless. The thing they all have in common is their lifespans. With foundation, it’s a little trickier to confirm the exact date. The easiest way is to look out for the tell-tale signs.

If it has a distinct odour or the texture/colour has changed drastically, please toss it out. As its name suggests, foundation is the main product constantly in contact with your skin, so be extra careful to ensure you aren’t unintentionally causing your skin harm by using an expired product. Alternatively, you can store your foundation in places that are not exposed to any UV light to retain its quality.

3 Concealer & Lip Gloss: 1 Year  

As you’ve probably noticed by now, most makeup with shorter lifespans are liquid-based, as liquids are more susceptible to bacteria and germs. Additionally, concealers and lip glosses are handled frequently so they come in constant contact with makeup brushes, lips, or fingers which also carry bacteria.

When spoiled, concealers may change in smell and texture (it becomes blotchy). As for lip gloss, it thickens and clumps together. Put that stuff away from your face.

4 Lipstick, Powder, Blusher, and Eyeshadow: 2 Years Makeup Brush and Blush

Good makeup isn’t cheap so it’s great news that these products last up to two years. As these powder-based products are dry, it’s hard for bacteria to thrive. When powders reach their expiry, they either become flaky or crack.

Lipsticks have minimal water content, giving them longer lifespans. Lip liners boast the same lifespan with an added bonus: by sharpening the exposed surface, your lip liner can almost be as good as new!

Why you should care

Are you aware that your makeup has an expiry date? We tell you how long your stuff last.

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