50 Years of fashion: a catwalk through fashion’s hottest looks

50 Years of Fashion: a Catwalk Through Fashion’s Hottest Looks

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Jan 1, 2016
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Walk, walk, fashion, baby!

Fashion is a cycle that evolves, creates, recreates, and makes a statement. We love how something goes out of style then makes a reappearance years later.

Don’t believe us? Here are looks from the past 50 years that have stood the test of time. Holler if you have any of these retro pieces in your wardrobe!

Swinging 60s

Swinging Sixties

SOURCE: beautila.com

Back in the 60s, it was all about structure and functionality, a style mantra that has stuck till this date due to its practicality. A-line dresses came and still come with various fashion labels as they remain universally flattering. Meanwhile, bold and colourful prints from that era continue to influence current trends, with mod flavours in brands like Zara, Promod, and Miss Selfridge. As for menswear, fitted suits were on trend back then as it is today! Cause who doesn’t like a man in a neat, crisp suit that was made just for him?

Funky 70s

Funky Seventies

SOURCE: menwatchers.com

The hippie era wasn’t all peace, love, and rock and roll, it was also an era that created the bohemian trend that is all the rage. Iconic looks like flowy kimono cardigans, floral prints, flower headbands (à la Lana Del Rey), and feather jewellery… the 70s live on. Loose bell bottoms and fringed vests were also big back then. With so many looks that were based on casual comfort, there’s nothing quite like this style to unleash your inner bohemian goddess.

Bold 80s

Bold Eighties

SOURCE: glamourmagazine.co.uk

Let’s get loud! There’s nothing subtle about the 80s’ looks and it just makes us happy! Colour blocking, bold geometry, and aztec prints were first introduced in this era and has since lived on. Corset tops, crop tops, and leggings have become closet staples thanks to the disco-loving 80s. Let’s not forget the chunky statement jewellery that we absolutely love too.

Grungy 90s

Grungy Nineties

SOURCE: glamradar.com

The 90s welcomed the grunge era! This was when metal and punk rock blasted radio stations. Denim was the name of the game then as it is now – everyone has a pair of jeans (or five), right? Not only jeans; but denim overalls, jackets, and vests were popular due to their versatility. Flannel, denim’s brother was also worn as over-shirts or tied around the waist…remember that? As for footwear, Converse and Doc Martens stepped up the fashion streetwear game with not just style but also substance with their comfortable shoes.

Mish-mash Noughties

Mish-mash noughties

SOURCE: manrepeller.com

This was definitely an era of eclectic fusion when it came to clothes. A whole lot of experimenting took place, resulting in too many fashion no-nos. The ones that did make it through the years to become must-haves now are pleated mini skirts and sweaters. Taking a page out of the punk playbook, tattoo chokers made its way into our time as well. Designer kicks from the decade are back and by the looks of it, will stay.

Why you should care

Walk, walk, fashion, baby!

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