Easy Ways To Look Stylish At A Concert Or Festival

Easy Ways to Look Stylish at a Concert or Festival

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Feb 14, 2016
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Your head-to-toe guide on how to dress at a concert or music festival.

The key to ultimate concert wear is marrying comfort with style and doing that beyond boring ol’ shorts and slippers. Because let’s face it, those won’t cut it for an #OOTD on Instagram.

Good concert wear works for many other occasions like outdoor events, bazaar shopping, pool parties, weekend coffee hunting, and stuff like Urbanscapes. Read on for a head start on stylish concert and festival wear from head to toe!

1 Headgear

Song of Style Hat

SOURCE: songofstyle.com

Hats and caps are awesome as functional statement pieces. Not only do they elevate an outfit like an old t-shirt with jeans, they also protect your face from the heat at an outdoor event, or from awkward run-ins with your boss at the Bieber concert. If fedora or straw hats aren’t your thing, opt for a street-inspired style like a camo print cap.

Silk Head Scarf

SOURCE: sofeminine.co.uk

If you’re just not a fan of hats, try a head scarf instead. Bonus: keeps your hair off your face as you’re rocking out! For a budget friendly headgear, buy cloth flowers from your nearest DIY shop, glue them onto a headband or some craft wire and…ta-dah, you’ve got a flower crown.

2 Your Face

At outdoor parties, concerts, and all-day festivals, keep your makeup light to go with the general ease of your look. The goal is to look stylish but not like you spent hours on your makeup. Also, you’re gonna be miserable when your foundation and heavy eye makeup start melting from all that humidity!

Maybelline BB Cream

SOURCE: juzdeal.com

BB creams, unlike powder or liquid foundation offer light coverage. Get one with good sun protection if you’re gonna be outdoors. Add on coloured lip balm and waterproof eyeliner and mascara, then you’re good to go! This Maybelline BB watergel is available at Sephora stores.

3 Outfit

Boho Fashion Skirt

SOURCE: lyndsaypicardal.wordpress.com

Especially for all-day events, opt for lightweight material that’s soft to the skin. Wearing an itchy sweater for 10 hours makes for one cranky party-goer. Instead of the usual tank top or t-shirt and shorts, try a loose-fit dress, boho dress, maxi skirt, and boho pants.

Beach Kimono Fashion

SOURCE: lyndsaypicardal.wordpress.com

If you enjoy layering but not the heat, don a lightweight vest, scarf, or throw-over.

4 Bags

As these events go, it’s nice to keep your hands free for things like finger food, I-love-you hand signs, and selfie sessions. Thus, choose an easy-to-carry bag like a bagpack, crossbody bag, or a carryall tote.

Canvas Tote Bag

SOURCE: kessinhouse.com

A budget friendly bag that’s both trendy and much welcomed at concerts and festivals is the canvas tote.

5 Flats

The same way you wouldn’t wear an itchy sweater for 10 hours, don’t kill your feet with heels at such events. There are many stylish options for flats these days, and thankfully for our feet, sandals are back!

Fashion Gladiator Sandals

SOURCE: lovemaegan.com

Wide strap sandals are totally back and totally comfortable while gladiator sandals are never shy. If you still prefer the height, posture, and hence confidence boost from an elevated shoe, go for platform shoes instead of heels.

Now go forth, and party in style!

Why you should care

Your head-to-toe guide on how to dress at a concert or music festival.

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