Why you should care

Who says boots are only for winter?

Warm weather may be sandal season but they aren’t the only footwear you can rock. Adding a pair of boots to your outfit can take it from a 5 to a 10.

Here’s how you can style a pair of boots in the warm weather sans sweaty feet .

1 Shorts

Warm weather calls for a cute pair of shorts and you can take your outfit up a notch by donning a pair of boots. Try a pair of denim shorts, button down shirt, and a cute pair of boots!

2 Jeans

If you want to pair your boots with jeans, just make sure to wear breathable boots. Laser cut, peep toe, or open back boots look great when paired with cuffed jeans that show off the boots.

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3 Dresses

If you’re looking for a lightweight outfit to beat the heat, then dresses are a great option. Pair them with light boots to complete the look. Skip the patent leather and knee high velvet boots you see on our western counterparts r and pick up a pair of booties that are comfortable and chic instead.

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4 Skirts

If you always opt for a pair of heels when wearing skirts to make your legs appear longer, why not go the unconventional route and strut in a heeled bootie? Up the chic factor while giving your feet some rest from the strain of heels.

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SOURCE: Clockwise; zalora.com.my, asos.com, aldo.com, hm.com.my


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Why you should care

Who says boots are only for winter?

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