Hairstyle that Beat the Heat

5-Minute Hairstyles That Will Help You Beat the Heat

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Jan 7, 2016
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Quick and easy hairstyles to triumph over frizzy and greasy hair in hot weather!

With the year-long tropical heat, it’s impossible to leave your locks down. No matter how much hair spray you put on, there’s no taming that frizz from the heat.

It’s time to say goodbye to sticky and greasy locks, and hello to easy hairstyles that get your hair off your face!

1 Knotted Ponytail
ponytail knots


This is the chic version of your classic low ponytail. Start by applying mousse or a smoothing serum to smooth down fly-aways. Then, split your hair into two and knot it twice. Pin the knots into place and voila! You’d look like you spent way more than 5 minutes on this look and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with your hair off your neck.

Bonus tip(s): Lay your ponytail at the side or back, whichever suits you! If your hair lacks volume, tease or curl your ponytail for added texture and interest.

2 Twisted Fringe
Twisted Fringe Hair


We love it when a simple hairstyle looks like it took a lot of time and skills. The twisted fringe is one such hairstyle and is a great way to get your fringe off your face. Firstly, part your hair to the side and take two strips of hair closest to the parting. Then, pull the front strip over the back strip so that they’ve exchanged places. Then, add a thin strip of hair to the current front strip.

Repeat and add thin strips of hair to the front strip. Once you’ve reached the back of your head, pin it under a section of hair, or tie it like a half-up hairstyle.

Bonus tip(s): If your fringe is short, use hair mousse or moulding cream before you begin. For extra hold, use hair spray when you’re done so everything will stay in place.

3 Sock or Doughnut Bun
Doughnut Hair Bun


This one’s easy but might take a little practice to perfect. First, get a hold of an old sock or a hair doughnut. You can find hair doughnuts at hair care shops and at certain retail stores like H&M. If you’re using a sock, tie a dead knot at the ends to form a complete circle.

Tie a high ponytail where you would like your bun sit, then insert it through the doughnut or sock. Distribute your hair evenly around your sock or doughnut, then start rolling it downwards. Your hair will roll into the sock or doughnut as you go down your ponytail. Use your fingers to help guide and tuck stray hair. Once you’ve reached your head, use bobby pins to pin down stray hair or shorter layers and…. you’re done!

Bonus tip(s): To dress up your bun, try a headband around your head or a bow around the bun for more fun.

4 Headband Tuck
Headband Tuck Hairstyle


This one’s special just because of how easy it is, yet how dressy it can be! Start with your favourite headband and wear it across your forehead or on your crown. Starting from your bangs or from the sides of hair, take a first section and tuck it into the headband through the top. Repeatedly tuck in the remaining length of that section it’s completely spiralled around the headband.

Repeat this by going down the sides, to the bottom of your head and to the other side of your head. Use bobby pins and hairspray to neaten the look, or leave it as is if you’re going for a messy, boho chic style.

Bonus tip(s): Choose a bejewelled or shiny headband for a more formal event, and a leather or bright coloured headband for casual days out.

5 Mini Pompadour
pinned back pompadour


If you’re really in a rush, this one’s for you! For a front pompadour, simply gather your fringe, twist it, then pin it down with bobby pins. Pull the bump at the front for a bigger pompadour or tease it before pulling it back for added height!

Bonus tip(s): Pull your fringe to the side for a side pompadour and make a big or a mini one, whichever look you’re going for.

Why you should care

Quick and easy hairstyles to triumph over frizzy and greasy hair in hot weather!

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