Lazy Hair Looks for Your Summer Vacation

Lazy Hair Looks for Your Summer Vacation

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Jul 2, 2016
Why you should care

Because happy holidays deserve pretty hair.

These hairdos can be achieved in a jiffy for those full day holiday itineraries!

Happy days need happy hair as the icing on the vacation cake. Plus, all those pictures you’ll be taking will be immortalised on social media and coffee table photo albums.

1 Hair Scarf

Headscarves are great for no-wash (hair) days as they cover up greasy roots. They also keep hair kinks in check – no blow dryers, straighteners, or curlers needed!

You can leave your hair down and wrap a thin scarf around your crown or you can tuck the scarf under your hair, loop it around your head and tie it at the top of your head like a headband.

hair scarf

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You can also put your hair up in a messy bun: simply scrunch your hair up and tie up that beautiful mess!

To keep more hair out of your face or to accessorise, roll up your scarf, loop it around your head, and tie it at the back or at the top of your head – explore the different looks! Try a bandana instead of a headscarf for more structure and better hold.

hair scarf updo


2 Half-up Twist

Grab an inch of hair above both ears. Then, twist one section backwards till you reach a little past the middle of the back of your head before pinning it down. Repeat on the other side for an easy breezy halo.

hair twist halo


If you’re not on friendly terms with Bobbi pins, then simply hold both twists in the middle with a small claw clip. You show Bobbi who’s boss!

3 One-sided Twist

Grab a section on either side of your parting, twist it to the side of your head, then pinit down. This one’s so easy, you can do it while you’re half awake and brushing your teeth.

Try the twist on the side of the parting with more hair or less hair. The former keeps hair away from your face while the latter leaves majority of the hair around your face down to frame your face.

hair side twist


4 Half-up Top Knot

Step aside, all-too-common top knots, the half-up top knot is current trending. Simply grab half your hair or just the crown section, tease it for volume, scrunch it up, then tie it up with a hair tie. Voila, you’re now a member of the Instagram fashionista club!

half top knot


This versatile look works well on short and long hairs, and with straight or curly textures.

5 Looped Hair

This used to be a style you’d only sport while washing your face. Well, fashion runways have announced that this nonchalant look is totally in.

To get this look, section out 1.5 inches from the nape of your neck. Then, gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail, fold it in half, and tie it up with a hair tie. Wrap the previously separated section around the hair tie to disguise it.

loop hairdo


For extra interest and texture, curl your hair and tease your hair at the crown before you start.

6 Dutch Braid

If you’re familiar with the French braid, then the Dutch braid will be easy peas. This braid has more of a 3D effect than the French braid, and has an edgier character.

inverted french braid


It’s basically an inverted French braid – you cross the side sections under the middle section instead of over it. Watch and learn from this video!

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Why you should care

Because happy holidays deserve pretty hair.

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