The lip liner techniques that will give you the perfect pout

The Lip Liner Techniques That Will Give You the Perfect Pout

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Jan 24, 2016
Why you should care

Fulfill your lips’ potential with the right lip lining techniques!

Lip liners are all the rage thanks to Kylie Jenner’s full-on pucker. Though that look may not be for everyone, it’s brought attention to a makeup essential that’s been way under the radar!

Oh, the magical things that lip liners can do! From shading in your lips to giving it an ombre effect, and to changing the entire shape of your original lips; lip-liners are the unsung makeup hero! Check out some of our favourite lip liner tricks and tell us what you think!

Longer Lasting Lipstick 

Its an absolute pain when you need to constantly touch up your smudged lipstick.  Believe it or not, lip liner helps your lipstick last longer. This is especially for those with fine lines on their lips or for those with darker lips – lip liners eliminate mid day lipstick smudging. Just outline your lips and lightly fill it in with liner (think of it as a base) before applying your lip colour.

‘X’ Marks The Spot for the Perfect Pout 

x on cupid bow lipliner


Draw an ‘X’ on the cupid’s bow of your lips, then trace the curve at the bottom of your lips, and finally, draw on the ‘V’ edges on both your upper and lower lips. Then, connect the marks to line the rest of your lips. This little trick helps with defining the cupid’s bow, giving you the perfect lip shape easily.

Doubles As Lipstick

No lipstick to match that gorgeous lip liner you’ve purchased? No problem! Your lip liner can double as a lipstick. Simply use the lip liner as your base colour, then top it off with a gloss or balm. All you have to do is line your lips with the pencil before using your pinky to slowly smudge and blend the colour into your lips. If you want a stronger hue, colour your entire lip before blending!

Dos and Don’ts

When applying lip liner, prep your lips to ease application. Try a lip balm or lightly dab your foundation across your lips as it helps fill in the creases on your lips. Slightly part your lips, then line the borders lightly using short strokes. Alternatively, dash the outline of your lips with short dashes, then fill them in. This method allows you to draw shorter and more precise lines. Also, warming the tip using your fingers or lightly colouring the back of your hand before using your lip liner can help soften the tip for a smooth application.

Pick The Shade That Works

Lip liner, like lipsticks have a large range of colours and types. If possible, look for an anti-feathering one for a clean look. Lip liners should be one shade darker than your lipstick; the basic must-have colours are nude and red!

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!

Although there are basic rules, makeup, like other forms of art allows you to freely express yourself and colour outside the lines (or so to speak). Try different lip liner tricks, such as lining just the bottom, then just the top, then both, to find what works best for you.

Light sweeping lines make your lips look more natural, while drawing them more intensely gives you a completely different look. Take the time to learn the tool, and the world shall be your pretty, pretty oyster!

Why you should care

Fulfill your lips’ potential with the right lip lining techniques!

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