What you should know before your first facial

What You Should Know Before Your First Facial

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Jan 18, 2016
Why you should care

The perfect tips for a facial newbie!

So you’re a facial freshie and you’re not sure what to expect?

Regular facial helps manage skin problems using specialised techniques and machines which you otherwise do not have and cannot achieve at home. It can seem pretty daunting to trust your face to a complete stranger especially if it’s your first time, but fret not, here are basic things you should know and do before your first facial.

1 Tell Them It’s Your First Time

First Time FacialOnce they know it’s your first time, they’ll take the extra effort to brief you beforehand and walk you through the facial process. This is great because you’ll feel more comfortable knowing what’s about to happen to your face or what sensations to expect (e.g. hot facial steam). It also means that your facial therapist will know to give you a skin survey and to check your skin to figure out what treatments might help tackle your specific issues.

2 Go In Bare Faced

When going for your facials, make sure to go bare faced (i.e. without makeup). This way, your therapist can see your skin’s true condition and decide your best treatment options. It also means that any cuts, pimples, infections, or allergies will not be concealed, making them immediately known to your therapist who can be more careful when treating your face. By doing this, you also save makeup removal time so you get to jump right into the facial. One day without makeup won’t hurt!

3 Beware Of Breakouts

Prepare SkinDifferent skin types react differently to facials – certain people get breakouts. Don’t freak out if you do as it’s completely normal for your skin to eliminate the toxins. Chances are, once those breakouts heal, your complexion will be clearer than before your facial session. Because you might breakout or have red spots after a session, do not book an appointment too close to an important event like a dinner date.

5 Let Your Skin Breathe

Makeup Free After FacialDuring facials, the therapist extracts your skin’s impurities like deeply rooted sebums. This causes redness and swelling post facial, so give your skin some time to heal. Try not to wear makeup for the first 2 days.

6 No Hair Removal

Avoid WaxingShaving, waxing, and sun-bathing are also huge no-nos pre and post facial. Plan your beauty routine accordingly to avoid clashing sessions – you don’t want to end up agitating to your already vulnerable skin.

7 Exfoliate

Scrub Face After FacialDo not exfoliate your skin right before a facial as your therapist will likely give you a scrub. However, you can start exfoliating your skin at home 2 days after your session to remove excess oil build-up.

Why you should care

The perfect tips for a facial newbie!

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