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Is Your Scrubbing Routine Giving You Pimples?

Kar Kei Wong by Kar Kei Wong on Mar 26, 2016
Why you should care

Can your exfoliation habit be hurting your skin?

A surefire way to remove dead skin and thoroughly cleanse the face is via exfoliation (a.k.a. scrubbing). The result from your first try is no doubt going to get you hooked as it leaves your skin feeling smoother and softer.

But did you know that you should only exfoliate a maximum of once or twice a week? In fact, overdoing it may even do more harm than good!

The last thing you want is to destroy healthy skin cells and inflame your skin. Once this happens, your damaged skin will take on a rough, red appearance and become more sensitive! Even more horrifying is that acne might develop as your skin overcompensates for your dry, overly exfoliated skin by producing excess oils.

Prolonged habits of over-scrubbing also causes hyper-pigmentation and an overall aged look. Yikes!

But what if I’m already scrubbing too often?

Don’t start pulling out your hairs just yet – we’ve got you covered! Here are a few tips to help you get healthy skin back.

  • Stop using toners that contain alcohol – we recommend B.liv’s Refresh Me (available at Sasa stores) which moisturises and tones in one go.
B liv Refresh Me Moisturizing Toner


  • Choose products made with natural ingredients such as jojoba and soybean oil to bring your skin back to a healthy, less agitated state. Avoid cleansers that contain sulfate at all costs!
  • Opt for a hydrating mask or a cooling product that contains mint or menthol. This is to cool down your skin after the scrubbing “trauma”.
    Try Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask from Watsons.
cucumber peel off mask


  • Wear sunscreen when you head outdoors to protect your skin from the harsh weather.
  • Leave your Clarisonic brush alone (at least for the time being) and gently wash your face with your fingertips instead. Allow your skin time to repair itself.
  • Don’t drown your skin in any one product, particularly if you are trying something out for the first time. A little of everything will keep you from upsetting your skin’s balance and crossing over to dry or oily conditions.


Why you should care

Can your exfoliation habit be hurting your skin?

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