5 Little Known Ways to Combat Dark Spots

5 Little Known Ways to Combat Dark Spots

by Lydia Lohshini on Oct 3, 2016
Why you should care

Skin discoloration is the dark cloud that hovers over all our skincare and makeup routines and we’re here to help get rid of them!

This is a problem no amount of wand flicking is going to help. Dark spots and dark circles have been the bane of our existence and the reason why trips to the pharmacies and makeup stores cost so much.

So whether these pesky spots are due to age, sun exposure, blemishes, or failed skincare routines, there are antidotes! For that flawless complexion, here are some tricks that will help diminish those dark spots.

Say it Isn’t Soy!

Yes, this ancient remedy for blemishes works. Many over-the-counter products are formulated with soy or extracts of soy, as it prevents melanin transfer a.k.a. dark spots.

So all those times your grandmother said “drink soya bean; good for skin” was not unfounded after all.

fresh soy face cleanser for dark spots

SOURCE: thirteenthoughts.com

Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser is a soy-based skincare product that can banish blemishes and discolouration.

C the Difference With Vitamin-C

Vitamin C is good for you, it’s time to accept that as fact. It’s a classic brightening ingredient that lightens hyperpigmentation, and reverses melanin production. It is a famed antioxidant and is endorsed by many dermatologists.

solution for dark spots

SOURCE: mikhila.com

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution is the perfect go-to Vitamin C product that can boost skin brightening.

Fight the Sun With SPF

You might already know this but it bears repeating. SPF is one of the most common causes of dark spots and skin discoloration. So always remember to use sunscreen as UV rays not only cause premature aging, but also sunspots.

clarins uv protection

SOURCE: glamandthecity.co

We know how some sunscreens can leave you with an oily finish that makes for an icky makeup base. The solution? Clarins Sunscreen Multi-Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 50 – it not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays but also has a lightweight matte finish that acts as a perfect primer.

Exfoliate to Expel

Although exfoliating doesn’t directly tackle discolouration and hyperpigmentation, it helps even out your skin tone by removing dead cells. This is a key step to reducing the appearance of dark spots on the skin’s surface. Your best bet is to opt for exfoliating products that contain acids like glycolic and hydroxy that prep your skin to be more receptive to nourishing products applied after exfoliation.

mario bedescu glycolic foaming cleanser

SOURCE: chixylove.blogspot.com

Pick up the Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser that is rich with herbal extracts and contains the perfect percentage of glycolic acid to gently exfoliate and soothe sensitive skin.

Conceal, Don’t Feel, Just Hide It

If you’re looking for a quick fix, then concealing is your best option. There are a number of concealing techniques out there, and a quick search on the internet machine will find you techniques suitable for your skin type. Colour correction conceals unwanted spots effectively. More on that here. link: https://lovely.asia/malaysia/en/a/make-up/the-secret-to-flawless-complexion-colour-correcting-concealer/

mac studio conceal and correct palette

SOURCE: hgsitebuilder.com

M.A.C. Studio Conceal and Correct Palette has all the right colour combinations to help conceal dark circles and spots quickly and easily. If you’re in a hurry and need a quick solution, try an orange-toned red lipstick, as it neutralises bluish purple discolourations (perfect for those undereye circles). But don’t forget to top that up with skin-colour foundation. Try it!

Why you should care

Skin discoloration is the dark cloud that hovers over all our skincare and makeup routines and we’re here to help get rid of them!

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