Fashion Crimes You Shouldn't Commit on Your First Date

Fashion Crimes You Shouldn’t Commit on Your First Date

Charmaine Kon by Charmaine Kon on Jan 30, 2016
Why you should care

First dates are so tricky. What if you don’t look like your Tinder picture? What if your top’s too revealing? We’ve got you covered with these fashion no-nos for that first date.

First impressions are lasting impressions. But before you go whip out your best dress and reddest lipstick…

First dates are a whole different ball game. Put too much thought into it and you’ll look like you’re trying too hard, put too little thought into it and you might look like you’re off to a regular day of shopping. To put your mind at ease, we’ve compiled several no-nos and the what-to-dos!

1 Clothes That Aren’t Freshly Washed or Ironed

drea chong midi skirt


While it might be tempting to grab that LBD (little black dress) that your girlfriends complimented you on at last night’s dinner, resist! Fresh clothes look a lot better than re-worn ones. Plus, you’ll smell fresher and won’t feel self-conscious about recycling yesterday’s outfit.

2 Clothes That Have Never Been Worn Before

So your brunch date is tomorrow and you haven’t figured out what to wear. You run out during lunch hour to buy a new off-shoulder top that looks amazing on you. You decide to put this on right before the date and realise that the shoulders are a little too tight. At the date, you’re a little less animated than you usually are, and that’s affecting the chemistry. The lesson here? Dress in something you’ve worn before. That way, you’ll know how it fits and feels for a longer period of time.

Pro tip: wear a favourite combo that you’re sure to get complimented for!

3 New Trends That You’re Still Experimenting With

Lately, you’ve been trying to amp up your style game. You’re experimenting with hats, boots, and more structured clothing, and that’s good for you! However, when going for a first date, leave those thigh high boots at home. While you might appear trendy, you might also come off as unapproachable and uncomfortable – new is not always good! Best case scenario, you have many dates thereafter but cannot keep up with the style benchmark you’ve set for yourself on the first date. Worst case scenario, your date thinks you’re too cool to get to know.

4 Clothes That Are Too Tight or Revealing

kim jones romantic outfit


You’d want to look good for your first date and that means an outfit that shows off your best assets. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you should show off everything! Choose a lower neckline or a shorter hemline, don’t go for both. if your top is shapely, go for a fuller skirt and vice versa. Leave some things to the imagination, or to the fourth date.

Well-fitted clothing always look good. They don’t have to be skin-tight to be sexy.

5 Underdressing or Overdressing

tricia gosingtian shorts


If you’re headed to a nice restaurant for dinner, put on heels or dressy flats and save your jeans for a coffee date. if you’re headed for a picnic, try a sundress or a pair of shorts. If you’re meeting up for a casual movie date, throw on a pair of matching top and shorts combo. Under-dressing makes you look like you didn’t care enough to dress appropriately for the date while over-dressing makes you look out of place or unapproachable. Always dress for the occasion!

6 Over-the-top Hair or Makeup

Pretty Hairstyle


You know how we keep talking about looking approachable? That isn’t the same thing as boring. Style your hair: put it up in a loose braid, a curled pony tail, or a half-up do; but don’t put it in a high bun that’s too tight. The goal is to look approachable to ease conversations. First dates aren’t always easy, even if you’re with The One (you’ll eventually settle down with). So why not remove all barriers to a good conversation? In the same way, keep your makeup purposeful and natural.

Why you should care

First dates are so tricky. What if you don’t look like your Tinder picture? What if your top’s too revealing? We’ve got you covered with these fashion no-nos for that first date.

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