Why Sleeping With Wet Hair Is Totally Okay

Why Sleeping With Wet Hair Is Totally Okay

Kar Kei Wong by Kar Kei Wong on Jan 16, 2016
Why you should care

Too lazy to use the hairdryer? No problem! We make the case for sleeping with wet hair.

Headaches, tangles, and a cold – we’ve heard all the reasons against sleeping with wet hair. We’re telling you now, that it might not be so bad.

After a long, hard day out, you’re eager to dive into bed so you grab the hair dryer because mother says not to sleep with wet hair. Well, heat from the hairdryer damages your luscious locks too.

What if we told you that you could not only skip the heat but also wake up with gorgeous bed-head waves? The key is not to start with totally wet hair, but only with damp hair. So air dry after your shower while catching up with the latest episode of your fav TV series. Then…

Braid Away

Amika blowout spray

SOURCE: birchbox.com

Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray

Use a blowout spray to add a little volume to your damp hair so that you don’t wake up with a limp mess on your head. Then, distribute the product evenly with the help of a bristle brush (if your hair is mostly dry) or with a wide-toothed comb (if your hair is semi-dry).

Kerastase volumizing mousse

SOURCE: blowltd.com

Kerastase Volumactiv Mousse

Separate your hair into two sections, then apply styling mousse from the roots all the way to the end before tying neat braids on each side with loose elastics. Be careful not to apply too much product or you will have stiff curls in the morning! For tighter waves, split your hair into 3 or more sections. For looser waves, do a uni braid on the centre of your head.

If you have tight curls, highly textured hair, or frizzy hair; try using moisturising styling products instead – perhaps something oil-based like olive or argan oil.

Macadamia hair oil

SOURCE: blog.i-glamour.com

Macadamia Natural Healing Oil Treatment For All Hair Types

When the birds sing at daybreak, you will be singing along with them as you remove your hair elastics to reveal gorgeous, messy waves.

Old-fashioned Rollers

After applying your favourite styling cream, set your hair with a good pair of Velcro rollers and some bobby pins. If you’re after more natural curls, don’t roll your hair right up to the roots, but stop when you’re a quarter up your hair shaft. When you wake up, just remove the rollers and shake out your new curls!

Twisted Ponytail

Tie a regular pony and twist it into a bun atop your head. Be sure to secure it with bobby pins so that it doesn’t come apart when you toss and turn in the night. When you undo the bun the next day, you will be greeted with beautiful curls.

Sea Salt Spray for Beach Waves

SOURCE: blaaablaaa.com

O&M Sea Salt Spray

Always finger-comb your hair to loosen the curls and use a light sea salt spray to enhance your beach-girl look.

If you notice frizziness or flyaways, smooth them down with hair serum or a finishing cream. All that’s left to do after that is to head out the door and have your Baywatch moment!

Why you should care

Too lazy to use the hairdryer? No problem! We make the case for sleeping with wet hair.

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