Why you should care

Our favourite collections from Malaysia Fashion Week.

On the 2nd – 5th November, Malaysia Fashion Week 2016 showcased designer and ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2017 collections from designers all over Asia and more.

We were at the edge of our seats when these collections walked out!

Pham Dang Anh Thu (Vietnam)

Joli poli MFW 2016

SOURCE: Facebook user Joli Poli

This Vietnamese designer’s dresses are the stuff of fairytale. Intricate beading, lace, and illusion fabric floated down the runway.The breath-taking finale dress was modelled by Vietnam’s equally gorgeous Miss Vietnam 2014, 1st runner up.

Joli poli MFW finale

SOURCE: Facebook user Joli Poli

The Joli Poli brand by the same designer features equally romantic dresses and bridal looks.

Joli poli bridal wear

SOURCE: Flickr user Joli.Poli

Joli poli cocktail dress

SOURCE: Flickr user Joli.Poli

Zin Kato (Japan)

Zin Kato bagged the coveted Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week (MBSAFW) Award for ‘Most Influential Designer of the Year’.

Pieces featured at Malaysia Fashion Week 2016 (some photos from Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo):

Zin kato MFW 2016

SOURCE: L: Instagram user fashion_week; R: Instagram user cyruslcy

Zin Kato is a master of fine fabric, making pieces that are visually and texturally gratifying.

Zin kato 2016

SOURCE: zin-kato-usa.com

Sean & Sheila (Indonesia & Malaysia)

This award-winning duo showcased their first self-financed line at Malaysia Fashion Week featuring utilitarian Western silhouettes and Asian-inspired embroidery.

Pieces featured at Malaysia Fashion Week (photo from Jakarta Fashion Week):

A photo posted by SenayanCity (@senayancity) on

Both the duo and the Asian-Western concept are match made in heaven.

Sean and Sheila 2017 collection

SOURCE: Instagram user seanandsheila

Whee Up (Korea)

The designer, Whee Jin’s collection was a fun and kitschy set that’s pastel perfection.

Whee Jin mixes colour and print like a pro, resulting quirky and youthful designs.

whee up by whee jin collection

SOURCE: wheeup.com

Yuleza (Malaysia)

This young designer boasts a sophisticated bridal wear brand with flattering silhouettes.

Yuleza mfw 2016

SOURCE: yuleza.com

His grandeur gowns are every girl’s princess dreams come true.

A photo posted by YULEZA (@officialyuleza) on

A photo posted by YULEZA (@officialyuleza) on

Cover image from Facebook user Joli.Poli.

Why you should care

Our favourite collections from Malaysia Fashion Week.

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