Beauty Hacks For The Busy Mom

Beauty Hacks for the Busy Mom

Harmini Asokumar by Harmini Asokumar on Jan 26, 2016
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Supermoms, got your hands full with work at the office and at home? These beauty hacks will come in handy!

If we’re talking about real life superheroes, then moms definitely take the cake! It takes a lot to care for the family, manage a home, go to work, and look chic!

The secret lies in time-management and some must-know beauty hacks. We’ve spoken to some moms who are just killin’ it and they’ve got some beauty hacks to share with us! Here’s the inside scoop on how to look chic, no matter your busy schedules!  

1 Makeup On The Go

With the hectic lifestyle of a mom, you don’t always have time for an hour-long makeup sesh. Your best bet? Groom on the go! Keep a batch of makeup necessities (travel-sized stuff work great for handbags!) and some perfume. With a little dash of this, and a little dab of that before work starts, your entire look gets kicked a notch up!

If you have no time for the full routine, simply apply a stand-out lipstick that works great against your skin tone. Then voila! you’re set to take on the day.

2 5-minute Hairstyles

Comb all your hair back, sleek all the baby hair down, and wear your hair in a neat ponytail. Nothing screams chic glamour like slicked back hair. Invest in some soft, non-sticky hair spray that won’t make your hair feel crusty. This look will take about 4 minutes tops. Alternatively, tie it in a messy bun for a casual look. The idea is to look effortless and also most importantly, for you to feel comfortable and relaxed.

3 Mom Pamper Time

When everyone’s happy and asleep, it’s time for you, supermom, to unwind. Indulge in a hot bath to soak up all the tension from a long work day. Pour Epsom salt (available at your nearest pharmacy) into your bath water – it helps relax the nervous system, soothes aches, and heals skin irritation. Add on essential oils and scented candles to make a whole spa-like treat out of it. You deserve it!

In fact, make yourself some homemade scrub that will only take you 2 minutes to concoct but will leave your skin feeling smooth to the touch. Using natural ingredients you will definitely have in your kitchen (olive oil and sugar), scrub away dead skin cells and the day’s troubles!

4 Beauty Emergency Kit
Wet Wipes

Keep a pack of gum, wet wipes, and deodorant on the go. For times when you have to make a mad dash to run chores, pick up the kids, and then more errands, these things will definitely work in your favour. It’s a matter of giving yourself 5 minutes to freshen up. Give yourself some time to look good, busy mom. It’ll make you feel good too!

Why you should care

Supermoms, got your hands full with work at the office and at home? These beauty hacks will come in handy!

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