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Bring out the designer desi in you this Diwali season!

Deepavali is just around the corner and if you’re like most girls, you’d leave all the shopping to the very last minute. What’s left will be the same old styles and colours that won’t satisfy your inner fashionista.

We suggest ways to vamp up your Deepavali garb and bring out your inner goddess!

Saree Not Sorry

Got sarees lying around that you rarely ever wear? Or found a plain saree on sale in Little India? Take pointers from this glam goddess and turn it into a dress! Her fit and flare dress perfectly captures the intricate design of the saree as she pairs it with solid hues of red and black.

If you’re looking for something more ‘visiting Aunties’ appropriate, try tailoring it into a maxi dress. The intricate details of the material are perfectly highlighted at the collar and hem.

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Let it Lengha

We all have that one lengha skirt that we wish we could wear all year round but there’s just too much beading and bling for an occasion other than a wedding. Here’s how you can tone it down and fancy it up. Pick up your fav basic crop top and pair it with your lengha.

You can even get a little dressier and add a sweater or a white shirt to the ensemble.

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This look works both ways: you can also pick out your go-to lengha blouse and pair it with a pair of palazzo pants or maxi skirt just like this local boho-babe does.

Cut the Crop

If it’s the 11th hour, getting a saree blouse sewn in time for Deepavali is either impossible or too expensive . Fret not and turn to your crop top and bralet stash. Saree blouses are like crop tops anyway so why not substitute the blouse for a crop top or bralet. This way, you update the look and turn heads at the Deepavali festivities when you show up.

Do the Dhoti

Sarees and Lenghas can often be hard to walk in. You know what’s not hard to walk in? Pants. In comes the dhoti, this versatile and comfy pant, when incorporated into dresses and sarees give you a modern ensemble. We kid you not, check out the dhoti dress and pant sarees that are so in season!

In(Vest) in Style

A quick way to add pizzazz to your outfit this season is by adding an embroidery jackets. Vests, jackets, and capes tailored from saree cloths or with  ethnic prints can make a regular outfit Deepavali-ready. Take cues from this local designer and fashion forward goddess ,on how to style these vests. (PS: She even designs and sells them!)


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Why you should care

Bring out the designer desi in you this Diwali season!

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